Scientific representation

Use of non-invasive biological samples in medical diagnostics

Time: Wednesday, April 19, 2023 (09:50 - 10:15)

Venue: The 2nd floor, SECC center, 799 Nguyen Van Linh Street, Dist. 7, HCMC

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Petr Kuban

After his doctorate in 2001 at the Department of Analytical Chemistry, Stockholm University, Sweden, he spent three years as a post-doc at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Texas Tech University, USA. Between 2004 and 2010, Kuban was appointed an Associate Professor position at Mendel University in Brno. He then spent two years at Tallinn University of Technology as a Visiting Professor. Between 2012 and 2021, he worked as a senior researcher in the Department of Bioanalytical Instrumentation at CEITEC Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic. From 2016 he works as a leading researcher at the Department of Bioanalytical Instrumentation of the Institute of Analytical Chemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Brno, Czech Republic.

Assoc. Prof. Kuban is a co-author of more than 80 articles in peer reviewed analytical chemistry journals, 3 book chapters, 1 US patent. He has given more than 70 presentations at international conferences, including invited lectures. He was awarded the Czech Chemistry Prize, the Ion Chromatography Award and numerous awards for best poster presentations (Separation Science Asia, HPLC Hobart Tasmania, etc.).

His main research interests include but are not limited to micro-column separation techniques such as ion chromatography, capillary electrophoresis and HPLC, flow injection analysis, sample pretreatment and preconcentration, miniaturization, microfluidics and development of novel analytical instrumentation. The outcomes of the research activities have been presented and recognized at national and international scientific meetings. His research has received support from the Czech National Science Foundation, Technology agency of the Czech Republic and other agencies. Currently, his interest is in development of portable analytical instrumentation and methods for bioanalysis, clinical research and diagnosis.