Scientific representation

Natural polymer-based hydrogel bioinks for biomedical applications

Time: Wednesday, April 19, 2023 (11:30 - 11:55)

Venue: The 2nd floor, SECC center, 799 Nguyen Van Linh Street, Dist. 7, HCMC

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Thi Hiep

Assoc.Prof. Nguyen Thi Hiep got her Ph.D. from SoonChunHyang University in South Korea in 2012. Prof. Hiep returned to Vietnam shortly after graduation to establish the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine lab at School of Biomedical Engineering - International University - Vietnam National University HCM and to pursue her research interests in biomaterials fabrication. Prof. Hiep has published over 90 articles that have been indexed in the ISI and Scopus systems, 15 domestic papers, 3 book chapters, 80 papers in international conferences, and 3 granted patents. Her interdisciplinary research focuses on: the design and preparation of biomaterials for biological, medical, and pharmaceutical applications, bringing together the fields of materials science, pharmaceutical science, cells therapy, basic and clinical medicine. 

Currently, Prof. Hiep is the Dean of the School of Biomedical Engineering at International University, VNU-HCMC. Prof. Hiep has participated in over 20 research grants at different levels both domestically and internationally. Especially, she received many Awards and Prizes from different agents such as the National Fellowship Award from L’Oreal UNESCO for Women Science (2016); the winner of the ASEAN-US Science Prize for Women Science (2017); the International Rising Talent of the L’Oreal UNESCO for Women Science (2018); the first prize in Innovation Awards Ho Chi Minh City and was named among the Top 100 most outstanding scientists in Asia released by Singapore’s Asian Scientist magazine in 2019.

She has also been invited to several public speaking engagements to promote women in science, such as STEM conferences, which highlight the accomplishments of women in STEM and inspire, educate, and connect women in the science, technology, engineering, and math communities. Besides, she has been nominated for various events to encourage young people to do research, such as the Chat with Scientists program organized by Oxford University in Vietnam and GYSS2017 in Singapore.