Compliant Modernization of HPLC Gradient Elution Methods in View of USP 621 Revision

This workshop will discuss approaches for the development, optimization and transfer of legacy and modern HPLC methods, utilizing gradient elution. This will also include the method modernization or the transfer from HPLC to UHPLC. The workshop will be conducted by Dr. Paul Gamache, Senior Manager Product Applications & Scientific Advisor of

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Germering, Germany on 20 April 2023 from 10am-12pm, with discussion topics and data on how to move to core-shell particle technology more easily, how to modify gradient methods effectively, and how to work within the framework of evolving rules for method transfer such as USP 621 or the respective chapters in EP or JP will be addressed. The principles will be illustrated with simulated chromatograms using method development software, but more importantly, with experimental data from relevant pharma applications.